Monday, 10 November 2008

the number one tutorial: how to use the intelligent scissors

I've been posting tutorials for the GIMP for well over a year now over on YouTube and this has been my most viewed proportionally to date. It is also one of the most basic and amaturish tutorials I ever did.

Goes to show, it is the noobs that rule the world and determine what has value. That should never be forgotten.

I started the Gimp tutorial series for my own benefit originally, as a means of recording the little tricks I was learning merely for my own an online exercise book, if you will. I was astounded by the number of viewers I racked up over time though. While my viewing figures on YouTube arenothing special, I still find it rather remarkable that so many people (or anyone at all, really) would be that interested in my waffling tutorials...but they were, and continue to be, which is wonderful for my ego!

Unfortunately I began to feel like I was some sort of expert, which plays havoc with your self-image when you realise that it is by no means true! But the Gimp tutorials are my baby, and while they are currently on a rather long hiatus, I don't think I'll truly stop making them for as long as I am learning new Gimp tricks myself!

I also continue to take requests for tutorials and basic questions, which I like to answer in my downtime as a wee hobby...feel free to contact me if you have any Gimp related questions, although please note that I am in no way affiliated with the Gimp development team...I'm merely someone who spends a lot of time playing with my computer.


Liz Valette said...

GIMP has long been a mystery so I decided that I must learn how to use it. I found your tutorials on YouTube and they've been most helpful. I just wish your instructions would remain in my head. Bestest, Liz

BTW, I've a Facebook profile.

Barbara said...

Hi, I too love the sound of you seriously I recently downloaded the GIMP and I've found your tutorials a real help in my getting to grips with this program. I've thought about doing my own tutorials for a while and after seeing yours it kinda spurred me on to do my own, not on the GIMP, jees I wouldn't dare compete with the master of the GIMP tutorials but for my own network and design work, so I just wanted to say a very big cheers to you. (I did try to say a big thanks to you in my css tutorial but you will know only to well we only have ten mins and try has I might I just couldn't keep my thanks to you in the vid, so you ended up on the youtube cutting room floor, soz but thank you for a job well done.