Monday, 10 November 2008

What's all this then?

As an internet rover of many years now, I have decided to write yet another blog as a means to bring as many of my interests into one place as possible. So the topic that will largely be explored throughout the life of this blog will be 'Computers and the myriad ways they wow Jackson.'

I intend to keep you pleasant folks updated with all of the wonderful open-source software that is tickling my fancy, as well as any and all new projects I am undertaking. And, of course, there will be many tutorials, some old and some brand spanking new, for your troubles.

You will also become painfully aware of how I am able to become incredibly interested in some new or outdated thing one moment, only to have it surpassed a week later by something else which I will no doubt find equally stimulating and importad until the next big thing. This from the man that has only just discovered touch-typing, writing HTML and AutoHotKey scripts. Next year I will be all about the wheel.

My life is made up of many next big things you know.

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