Friday, 19 December 2008

1000 Subscribers

As of today I have 1000 Subscribers to my YouTube Channel which contains tutorials on how to use the image manipulation software GIMP.

I haven't actually uploaded a tutorial in ages since I have more important things to, so I'm surprised it is still going strong. Having said that I may have to make a tutorial soon as I feel a bit guilty about practically abandoning my channel, but realistically I won't make another one until February at the the adoring fans will just have to wait.


Wow...just noticed the other channel, that I never log in to has 30 subs, too! Imagine 30 people actually want to hear more of me waffling on about poetry.


Liz Valette said...

Don't worry too much. Your followers might be interested in the other things you post.

I only discovered your GIMP tutorials by chance. There will always be newbies like me coming along.

GimpKnowHow said...

Wow. Nice job. My channel with gimp tutorials recently hit 500 subscribers.