Monday, 12 January 2009

Stop the Traffik


I decided to visit Crossway Church last night to hear the speaker Steve Chalke talking about his international organisation Stop The Traffik, which deals with the global crime of Human Trafficking. Crummy spelling of Traffik aside, this charity really seems to be on the brink of acheiving some amazing things and would definitely be worth checking out.

I must admit that I went along being a little bit sceptical, since I am often of the opinion that raising awareness of issues can often be a bit redundant -- I'm honestly aware of so many issues that I do NOTHING about that willingly adding one more to my repetoire seems a little, well, unchristian!

I've got to say, though, that I came away from church last night feeling that there was something I could begin to do about the issue of Human Trafficking, even if it is only something as simple as eating Fairtrade chocolate and drinking Fairtrade Tea and Coffee. It is a small step, but better than no step at all, and everything starts with a small step.

Even though I thought I was aware of the issue of trafficking, I learnt a lot about it last night too. I was not aware, for example, of the massive scale of the crime. I was not aware that it was the second biggest illicit trade, or the second biggest harm to humanity, after weapons dealing. I was also not aware that the net worth of global human trafficking was the same as the profit made by Microsoft last year, and double that of Coca-Cola. These are stats provided by Steve Chalke in his talk at Crossway last night, which I have not checked for myself, but I trust the source and will endeavour to check them for myself soon.

The talk was rounded up by a nice lady called Ruth who also worked for the Stop the Traffik organisation. She gave us some tips about what we could do next to raise awareness, such as the demonstrations in Melbourne over the coming weeks, and holding Chocolate Fondue parties, using Fairtrade Chocolate, of course. More resources can be found at the website which can be accessed by clicking on the banner at the top of this post.