Friday, 20 November 2009

More Fun with Photography

This won't become a photoblog...or maybe it will, since I rarely have anything to write about these days.

I was visiting my mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago in Drouin, and decided to take a wander around the garden since my Father-in-law had done a wonderful job tending to it and making it really rather beautiful. I had decided I was going to practice my macro photography on the flowers, but soon discovered that the garden was swarming in life that could be variously described as creepy and indeed crawley.

This wee ginger bugger was just chilling out on the wall...he's tiny in real life, but looks fascinating close up:

Ginger Spider Cropped

I was also fascinated by this spider too, as it had done a rather interesting repair job of its web:


Personally, I can't stand spiders, but I've a new found interest in them since acquiring the camera.