Wednesday, 31 March 2010

April Fool's Gimp Tutorial

I made a mean Gimp Tutorial in the spirit of it being April Fool's Day. If you came here looking for the Beautify script I apologize for your wasted time, but it does not exist. Also, if you see it early, again I'm sorry - all to do with the timing I'm afraid!

But before you unsubscribe from my channel, stay tuned until next week when I will reveal how the prank was done.


Love from Jackson


emberfly said...

Aww darn. I love the effect in the video... how it was all glowy. Could you do a tutorial on that?

Ramón Miranda said...

hahahah funny i have waste my time with this :SSS

Allon אַלּוֹן said...

" can see, I've set the sense of humour up to the maximum here..."
You are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙

bari said...

gimp to me is a new tool and at my age within the art field I find myself once again learning art all over again - this time using art within the gimp program.
I'm sure that something else will come up just as I "ace" gimp...give me a few years on this...
I find it interesting you can make a very stunning art piece using computer now what do I do with all my paint brushes, paints and large canvas