Saturday, 11 September 2010

How to succeed on YouTube


Forgive my thunderstruckness, but wow, three posts to this blog in a month...that doesn't happen often.

Anyway - on with the post.

I have recently started posting tutorials to a new YouTube channel and have all of the fun ahead of me of trying to establish a new base of followers. I take the Gimp channel for granted because I can post a video at night and by the next morning I have a couple of hundred views, a comment or two and some new subscribers.

But it is not so with the new channel. I post a new video at night and wake up to...drumroll...12 views, no comments and no other activity at all. Not even a thumbs-up!

The channel has been up for a week now and it can boast a whopping 18 subscribers. Not bad for a week's work on YouTube, but if you check the profiles you will notice something about my new followers. 95% are old followers from the other channel! People that liked the Gimp tutorials have subscribed to a channel that is trying to market itself towards Australian teachers and students, despite the fact the majority of them are American.

Not that I don't want American subs, I'll take anything at this stage, but they are not my target demographic. In fact without the Gimp channel, I'm sure I would only have 1 sub by now, and only three or four views per video.

But things are different from when I started using YouTube 4 years ago. I have learned how to market myself! I predict that I will have a huge influx of views and subscribers within a month.

So, I'll be back in a month to eat my words!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Another YouTube Channel

Adding to the new blog I mentioned on Saturday, there is also a new YouTube Channel, MrJacksonBates, so called because 'JacksonBates' was already taken. These days, I'm all for doing away with pseudonyms online. I mean, really, what does Malgalin even mean? Nothing. I happy to be Jackson Bates, so I will remain so online!

Anyway, I digress!

The new channel will provide videos and tutorials for teachers and students in education. It will predominantly be focused on VCE and Victorian educational stuff, but much of it will be applicable in other countries too.

The first video provides an introduction to Merspi.

But there will be more to follow.