Saturday, 11 September 2010

How to succeed on YouTube


Forgive my thunderstruckness, but wow, three posts to this blog in a month...that doesn't happen often.

Anyway - on with the post.

I have recently started posting tutorials to a new YouTube channel and have all of the fun ahead of me of trying to establish a new base of followers. I take the Gimp channel for granted because I can post a video at night and by the next morning I have a couple of hundred views, a comment or two and some new subscribers.

But it is not so with the new channel. I post a new video at night and wake up to...drumroll...12 views, no comments and no other activity at all. Not even a thumbs-up!

The channel has been up for a week now and it can boast a whopping 18 subscribers. Not bad for a week's work on YouTube, but if you check the profiles you will notice something about my new followers. 95% are old followers from the other channel! People that liked the Gimp tutorials have subscribed to a channel that is trying to market itself towards Australian teachers and students, despite the fact the majority of them are American.

Not that I don't want American subs, I'll take anything at this stage, but they are not my target demographic. In fact without the Gimp channel, I'm sure I would only have 1 sub by now, and only three or four views per video.

But things are different from when I started using YouTube 4 years ago. I have learned how to market myself! I predict that I will have a huge influx of views and subscribers within a month.

So, I'll be back in a month to eat my words!

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TwilightPack said...

Jackson! the New Vamped Userunfriend Youtube is a pain...Can you please add your video's to playlists that will auto play? I haven't figured out after finding your channel how to see then outside your channel so I cant see what comes first.. what follows etc even though you are saying "next I'll show you..."