Sunday, 14 November 2010

Daily Deals

daily deals

Maybe it's the Scottish blood in me, but I love a good bargain! A new “group buying” trend is emerging on the web, in which consumers effectively band together to get better daily deals or discounts when purchasing products and services. It's like telling a company that you and your friends will all buy their product as long as you all get some sort of group discount. Surprisingly, the companies seem to be up for this!

Most group buying sites tend to offer localized deals and discounts in specific cities and because these daily deals are all available over the web, you don't really need to get all of your friends on board to cash in on the deal, you can just wait for Joe Internetuser to sign up too. Typically, each promotion only becomes valid if enough members sign up for it, encouraging viral sharing of individual deals. If the minimum sign-up is not met, the deal does not proceed and no one’s credit card is charged.

Although still technically in its early stages, group buying has become one of the bigger trends to emerge in 2010, and with all of the social networking platforms available now, this thing is gonna go off like a frog in a sock.

So with the influx of so many new daily deal sites to hit the Australian market, 2011 will be a fantastic year to grab hold of some money saving deals. The trouble is that there are so many of them to keep track of, and even though you can sign up for email notifications from these new companies, who really wants to get bombarded with 15 emails a day advertising a special discount from some random companies in your area? Or worse yet, for those that don't subscribe, who can be bothered checking 15 separate sites to see if there are any interesting discounts available at the moment?

That's where DealsGuide comes in! aggregates all of the top discount sites so that you only need to check one site if you want to find a bargain in your area. It couldn't be easier.

There are 11 sites offering these deals in Australia at the moment, and another 8 starting up within the next two months. But why visit all of them when the very best in your area can all be found at

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